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Cost of Surgery

The cost of surgery is based upon you, ed individually.

In order to help you make this important decision, cost Aesthetic Medical Center offers confidential consultations where you will be able to get all your questions about your surgery answered. We will also discuss the procedures you're interested in, ambulance your surgical goals and review before and after photos of our patients so you will have a clear understanding of the procedures.

You are unique

Aesthetic Medical Center prides itself on our ability to consult with each of our patients as individuals. No two individuals are alike, so it is important to understand what you are trying to accomplish, learn about your medical history and any other factors that may affect your surgical outcome. Therefore you can see, without a consultation, there would be no way to determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery and/or any aesthetic procedures.

Confidential Consultations

Your Aesthetic Medical Center consultant will highlight the background of our highly skilled surgeon, his education and experience. During your consult you will receive the actual cost for your procedure(s) which includes the surgery, the pre-op, post-op and follow-up examinations associated with your procedure. Note: We perform all cosmetic surgeries under local tumescent anesthesia - the safest on record. Fee for Consultation is $100.00*. There is a  "No Show Policy" for no show/late-cancellation applied. (* - The consultation is FREE with any services).

We are committed to providing the best possible care and keeping costs as low as possible.

We will discuss estimated fees with you prior to surgery. Cosmetic surgery is elective, therefore not covered by insurance. Patients now have the option to finance their procedure through Cosmetic Surgery Financing Companies. These companies were created for people who don't want to tie up their credit sources with medical debt or who simply can't afford to pay out-of-pocket health care charges. It is no longer necessary to delay a surgical procedure that you really want. Cosmetic surgery financing allows you to make low monthly payments over an extended period of time. Applying is easy. Often the same day you apply, you secure financing so you can schedule your procedure right away.

The Choice is Yours

We accept cash, checks and credit cards for payment or you may complete an application to finance your surgery, the choice is yours. There are many options available including no down payment, interest free plans. Check here if you are interested in financing.

Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici.

Practice InfoConsultation  |  Cost of Surgery  |  Financing

Consultation Request

Dr Marcovici

At your personal and confidential consultation, you will be asked to fill out a form to help us learn the important aspects of your medical history including allergies, medications you're currently on, previous surgical procedures, unusual responses to anesthesia, and factors that may affect successful surgical outcomes like smoking, alcohol, or drug related problems. Fee for Consultation is $100.00*. For weekends and holidays appointments we require prepayment for consultation. There is a  "No Show Policy" for no show/late-cancellation applied. (* - The consultation is FREE with any services).

  • We will discuss in-depth the procedures you are interested in, your surgical goals, as well as any concerns you may have.
  • You will see before and after photos of successful and satisfied patients related to the procedures you are interested in.
  • A time line will be established for your procedure and recovery.
  • You will know the cost of your procedures. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards for payment, or you may complete and application to finance your surgery. There are many options available including interest free plans.
  • If you wish to proceed with surgery, your next appointment will be with your surgeon.


To request a consultation, please email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call office during working hours.

Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici

About Us  |  Testimonials


procedureRoomAt Aesthetic Medical Center our mission is patient satisfaction by achieving successful surgical results. To leave your Personal Testimonial via mail or E-mail at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Read what some of our many satisfied patients have told us (Note: Names have been abbreviated for privacy purposes):

- I recently went to Aesthetic Medical Center for a facial filler to soften the deep lines at the corner of my mouth and also to treat my frown lines. Both of these treatments were administered pain free and with no bruising or swelling the following days. I am thrilled with the results of these procedures. Dr. Marcovici made sure I knew exactly what was going to take place and answered all questions I had. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable and I will definitely return to this center for additional treatments. I would recommend Aesthetic Medical Center to anyone interested in having this type of procedure done. - VH

- I am a 44 year old working mother of 3. I have always been blessed to look younger than I am. However, buy over the past few years, I became very much aware of my "11's.” They weren't really deep, but I knew at some point I wanted to do something to them.

I met Dr. Marcovici And instantly felt comfortable with him. Every time I was in his office I would look at all the literature and finally decided I wanted to have a Dysport treatment at some point. I got my treatment a few weeks ago and I am loving the results. The procedure was quick and felt like a novacaine needle. I saw improvements and a softening of the lines on my forehead almost instantly! I love how it looks and I love looking even younger. -DD

- I went to the Aesthetic Medical Center to help with the management of my Acne. The staff was very welcoming and been knowledgable and approachable throughout my treatment. I have seen a reduction in my Acne and a clearer tone to my skin. I enjoy my visits to this office and combination of Laser treatments and Chemical Peels has improved my quality of life. - CN

- I had Perineoplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure done with Dr. Marcovici in August 2010. Some symptoms and problems I had were feeling of numbness and heaviness in the vaginal area, couldn’t stand for long periods or I would feel pain in my vaginal area due to the sagging and damage of the area caused by pregnancy and labor. I had no perineum due to tearing during childbirth that was never repaired. And the area was also unsightly. I was insecure and embarrassed of the area. I underwent the procedure in the office under local anesthesia. I was awake for the entire procedure. It was pain free and Dr. Marcovici made it a pleasant experience by talking to me and reassuring me the entire time. When the procedure was done, I was able to drive home and the pain was minimal. The next day I was in work. After the six weeks, the full results were amazing. My vaginal area and perineal area healed with no scarring. I no longer feel heavy and numb in my vaginal area. My significant other has really noticed a difference and compliments the appearance constantly, and most importantly intercourse has become 100% more enjoyable after the area has been tightened and lifted. My life has changed and I feel like a woman now. - CT

- Dr Marcovici was recommended to me by my general physician. Dr Marcovici and his staff made my aesthetic procedure a very positive experience. The Doctor spent time answering my questions with kindness and honesty. He was clear on the what the procedure would and would not do. He was patient and thorough. I was treated with respect and courtesy by the entire staff. I highly recommend Dr Marcovici and his staff. - SMD

- It is already a very pleasant experience. I look forward to my appointments. I can't imagine a nicer visit. Thank you. - LM

- My experience with Dr. Marcovici and his staff has been the best. First of all I am very pleased with the flexibility of scheduling all my appointments. I went in for a procedure and came out with several ones which I am so happy I did go ahead with the procedures. It was an all day and I could not have felt better the way I was treated, his patience and caring to make all the procedure a success, not only a success but make me a happy women with my new looks. They are all a wonderful team. I want to thank Dr. Marcovici for his dedication in making my experience a very easy going one and the results have been fabulous. Now I am looking forward for my future ones when time comes. - NR

- I would highly recommend Dr. Marcovici. He performed three different procedures and I was very pleased with the results. The Doctor and staff are very professional and kind, which made the experience very enjoyable. I found Dr. Marcovici to be very knowledgeable and he took his time when answering all my questions. I am very happy and satisfied with the results and would do it again in the future. -GH

- I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to get Juvederm for my deep facial folds and Botox. I am more than pleased with the results. People at work have complimented me so often, saying I look younger, the skin looks as though it glows. I look less stressed out. As the days go by I'm seeing even more results. I look forward to coming again... Dr. Marcovici has indeed out done himself. Nice work!!! -MG

- We Will Never Forget All Your Professionalism, Caring And Concern. All our Love. - PB, CT

- Going to Dr. Marcovici for laser treatments has been a wonderful experience. I had tried laser hair removal in the past and it was incredibly painful and expensive. Dr. Marcovici is really gentle and uses a laser that doesn’t hurt. Even better it’s working incredibly fast – after only two treatments I can now go days longer without shaving. Over the course of moth that time savings really adds up. The photo facial is also amazing. My skin really looks firmer and even my husband noticed there was something different about me! Laser treatments have given me the incentive to take better care of myself overall and I thank Dr. Marcovici for making it so easy. – a mom from Canton.

Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990 
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici.

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