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Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Data shows that about one-third of the cosmetic surgeries in the USA are requested by men. You might be surprised to find that most men want to improve their appearance and it is not all due to vanity. Like their female counterparts, sickness men have discovered the benefits of cosmetic treatments not only in their personal lives, unhealthy but also in their professional careers. Men have recognized that wrinkles, frown lines, crows' feet, droopy eyelids, double chins," spare tires or love handles " around the waist, and large bellies can make them look tired, or unattractive, and appear less competitive in the job market. In our society that values youth, 40-plus year old executives are competing with younger, fitter and more competitive males and females who are often willing to work harder and for less money.

Aesthetic Medical Center offers the following procedures for Men:

Penile Enhancement
Acne Treatment
Botox/Dysport Facial
Botox/Dysport for underarm perspiration
Breast Reduction for gynecomastia
Cosmetic Fillers: Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse,Boletero, SLUPTRA
Fat Injections: Facial Fillers, Penile Enhancement, and Buttocks Lift
Laser Hair Removal
Photo rejuvenation
Smart Liposuction - Six-Pack Abdominal Etching
Mesotherapy (Fat Melting Injections)
Facial Peels
Sun Spot and Pigmented Lesion Removal
Modern Tummy Tuck
Sclerotherapy (Varicose Vein Treatments)

Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici.

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