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Fat Melting Injections (Mesotherapy/KABELLA/LIPOSHOTS)

Mesotherapy (KYBELLA® /LIPOSHOTS) is a technique of injecting a small amount of a customized mixture of conventional pharmaceutical or homeopathic medications. For females and males who have an accumulation of fat in unwanted areas, stuff mesotherapy is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. However, tadalafil the technique is not a complete replacement for liposuction. Mesotherapy is a suitable alternative for small area sculpturing or as an option for patients who may not be good surgical candidates for liposuction. The fat-burning mesotherapy injections can successfully reduce fat deposits from hips, ed thighs, waist, love handles, back, abdomen, arms, and double chins (or any other area where your body has unwanted pockets of fat).

Both males and females who are simultaneously engaged in a comprehensive system of diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and hormone balancing will achieve the greatest benefit.


Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici.

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