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Menopause is the time in your life when menstruation stops permanently for at least 6 months in a row. It usually happens around 50 years of age. Menopause also happens if you have surgery to remove your ovaries.

Some of the factors causing postmenopausal bleeding are:

• Hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy
• Atrophy of the vagina, information pills which is thinning and drying of the lining of the vagina
• Polyps (small growths) in the uterus or on the cervix
• Endometrial hyperplasia (enlarged cells of the lining of the uterus), and
• Infection of the cervix (cervicitis: acute or chronic).
• Cancer of the uterus, more about cervix, or vagina
• Some types of ovarian tumors
• Anticoagulants (blood-thinner medicines).

After your Doctor examination he may order some tests, such as:

• Blood tests to verify that you are menopausal.
• Biopsy: removal of a small amount of tissue)from the vagina, cervix, or uterus for lab tests.
• Thyroid hormones level, coagulation tests, other.
• Radiology investigation as: ultrasound scan, MRI, CT-scan.

Additional investigation done by the Doctor, might include:

• Endometrial biopsy or D&C, a procedure in which your provider scrapes the inside of the uterus to get tissue, which is sent to the lab for tests.
• Hysteroscopy, a procedure in which your health care provider uses an instrument with a light to look inside the uterus for polyps or other possible problems
• Laparoscopy, a procedure in which your provider uses an instrument with a light to look into your pelvis through a small cut in the skin of your abdomen

Some of these tests can be done in your Doctor's office, but some are done in the hospital. If you have bleeding after menopause, it is very important to contact the Doctor as soon as possible to find out the cause.

Call 843 945 9990 
to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marcovici

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