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No Scar Breast Reduction for Men (Gynecomastia/Gynecomasty)

The normal male breast contains both fat tissue and glandular tissue. The breast tissue is usually small in volume.  Gynecomastia is an enlarged male breast caused by excessive fat tissue, malady but which contains a normal amount of glandular breast tissue. The condition is very common as men become older and in younger men who are relatively obese. Men with excessive fat in their breasts are excellent candidates for liposuction under local tumescent anesthesia. The cosmetic results are excellent and with rapid recovery.

Remember: If a man has a single enlarged breast, help this may represent a breast tumor and a mammogram should be performed to rule out the possibility of cancer.

Gynecomasty - No Scar Breast Reduction, treat 11 days post operation


Call Aesthetic Medical Center at (843) 945 9990 
for your confidential consultation with Dr. Marcovici Iacob

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